Matters Needing Attentions

Winter vacation is coming soon. Hope you all have a safe, happy and peaceful holiday time! To ensure normal study and living after holidays, we offer some safety tips for you.
No drinking and disturbing. Don’t gather a crowd to drink in a bar.
Carry passport with you when you go out.
Please extend your visa or residence permit before it expires.
Pay attention to fire prevention and anti-theft, and make sure cut off the power match shut the windows and lock the door when you leave your room.Pay attention to the gas, and use it carefully.
Do not use any illegal drugs like marijuana or heroine.Pornography, gambling,and illegal activities are strictly prohibited; Do not take part in illegal assembly nor do not go to dangerous places .
Choose reliable travel agencies. Take good care of belongings and ensure personal safety when you are traveling. Place great emphasis on the hotel's fire escape schematic, fire exits and so on.
If you receive a message saying you have won a prize, do not respond to it. Don’t be tempted by the offer.
Obey the traffic rules when traveling and crossing roads. Do not take unlicensed taxis alone. Do not buy, ride, or take unlicensed motorcycles.
The weather is cold, and keep warm to prevent flu.

The register for spring semester in 2020 is on 2nd March. Please be back Chengdu in advance and get every register documents ready, like passport page, residence page and accommodation page. Students who did not take the final exam, please contact your teacher to do it after register.

Students who will go back hometown or travel, please inform me where you go.
联系方式:15680007570. 如有任何问题,请及时联系。
Contact: 15680007570. Any problem, call this number.