CDSU Signed An Inter-School Cooperation Agreement with Korea Mokwon University.

On the afternoon of January 8, the Vice President of the Korea Mokwon University and Director of the International Exchange Division, Park Jae-Heng, the Director of the International Exchange Office, Kim Young-mei, the Director of the International Exchange Office, Xiu Wenliang, and the representative of the Southwest China Office, Han Xiaodong, visited our school. The deputy secretary of the school, President Shu Weiping met with the guests in the first office building, and the head of the school teacher work department, the director of the personnel department, Tao Zhongping, and the relevant personnel of the school's international office met with them.

President Shu welcomed the arrival of Vice President Park and his party. President Shu introduced the school's development plan, featured disciplines and strengths, as well as the construction concept and future prospects of the new campus. President Shu pointed out that the cooperation and exchange between the two sides has established a platform for the exchange of teachers and students in the two schools and created opportunities. He believes that with the joint efforts of both sides, the strategic cooperation between the two universities will definitely move towards a new future.

Vice President Park thanked the school for the warm reception. He gave a brief of Mokwon University such like the history, discipline construction and external cooperation, he also greatly admired the contribution of the CDSU in the professional field. Vice President Park is eagerly looking forward to strengthening exchanges and cooperation in various fields through the hard-working of the two universities.

After the discussion and conversation, the principals of the two sides signed a cooperation agreement between the two universities. Subsequently, the relevant personnel of the International Office of the two universities conducted further exchanges on specific items such as student exchanges and teacher training to ensure the implementation of the project as soon as possible. Later, the participants also watched the promotional videos of the two schools to deepened mutual understanding.


The signing of the inter-school cooperation agreement with Korea Mokwon University not only provided more communication platforms for teachers and students, but also enhanced the international influence of our school and promoted the international exchange work of our school to a new level.