About The Programs

Chengdu Sport University (abbreviated as CDSU) has two semesters in spring and autumn every academic year. The autumn semester usually starts from September to January of next the year as a beginning of an academic year, and the spring semester usually starts from the February to the June. There are two long vacations, winter and summer each year. Summer holidays are usually two months and Schools may arrange the summer courses. Winter vacation is about 4 weeks, usually relates to the Chinese Festival. The beginning of each semester is not constant; it depends on the date of Chinese Festival. Please refer to the school calendar to certain the date of the beginning of each semester.

The overseas students who come to CDSU for studying may apply the undergraduate or graduate programs according to respective conditions. And they can also apply for the non-degree programs, participate in foundational or short-term training projects, study professional courses, learn Chinese, and engage the thematic research.

Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with valid foreign passports at least 18 years old, who are healthy and have good conduct. They are willing to abide by the laws and of the People's Republic of China and the rules of Chengdu Sport University, and respect the customs and habits of the Chinese people.